MACROKIOSK is an enterprise solutions platform market leader in Asia, helping businesses of all sizes and industries to acquire, grow, and retain customers effectively with BOLD.


BOLD. is an enterprise solutions platform by MACROKIOSK:
> Comprises four components: Communication, Payment, Engagement, and Marketing.
> Mission to empower businesses to Acquire, Grow, and Retain customers.

BOLD. empowers improvements for businesses of all sizes and industries with omnichannel communication, multichannel payment, analytical engagement, and actionable marketing to drive customers’ business communication efficiency, payment requirements, customer engagements, and marketing interactions towards market demands.

BOLD. serves over 5000 customers across 37 countries and 24 industries, delivering a reliable, secure, scalable, and innovative enterprise solutions platform for businesses worldwide.

BOLD. evolves with new digital technologies, architectural improvements, and innovative design languages to offer relevant, intuitive, and functional solutions.

As businesses and communities embrace the digital economy and lifestyle, BOLD. provides a strong foundation for continuous growth in a digitally sound economy and community.