Netmedias Leashares S/B (FKA Puretech Global S/B) was established in 2014. It is acting as a Mobile Content Provider in the Mobile VAS Industry in more than 20 countries, providing mobile contents, such as games and videos, mobile users in different regions on a subscription basis.


"Mobiflix" and "Gameonz" are two of the top products of Netmedias. Video lovers will enjoy the contents of Mobiflix, which allows users to watch, interact with, and download the videos once they have subscribed to the service. Gameonz provides an unrivalled native gaming experience for subscribers. Netmedias' products offer a convenient and carefree subscription process to mobile users, as the subscription process is through Direct Courier Billing and only requires a chargeable phone number.

Netmedias is actively innovating and adopting new technology to be able to compete in the market. With regular upgrades and enhancements to the system, Netmedias is confident of achieving rapid growth in the business in the coming few years.