Neos is addressing the global market by offering a redesigned payment experience. We provide payment-enabled jewellery, wearables and accessories that offer a fast, secure, seamless, contactless experience and integrate qualities like fashion, elegance and personal taste. Neos creates fashionable, easy-to-use, battery-free and stand-alone payment instruments by combining jewellery-making with edge technologies. Beyond payments, Neos creations have many other NFC-based usages in access control, public transportation, loyalty management, digital identification or secure authentication.

Developing more different designs to address the diverse needs and styles of men and women for other age groups and following the fashion industry trends are among our priorities. Neos is a pioneer in making payment-enabled jewellery with metal (e.g. silver or stainless steel) frames and parts. Besides that, we focus too on the payment activation process, which must be fast, secure and smooth. Neos products are approved by Mastercard and Visa.

StartUs insights placed Neos among the 5 top wearables startups to watch in 2022.