At LIKNOSS Group, our mission is to redefine the European ferry and travel experience by seamlessly connecting ferry operators, travel agents, and resellers through advanced technology. Established in 2000 as FORTHCRS, LIKNOSS Group is now part of Pyletech Group, specializing in Travel & Tourism Technology since 2018. Comprising CRS Liknoss SA, Liknoss Italy Srl, and Liknoss Central Europe SA, the group is a leading Ferry Ticket Distribution Company with over 23 years of experience. Managing 15 million tickets annually through Liknoss GDS (Global Distribution System), we empower travel agents with comprehensive tools and offer ferry operators integrated distribution systems, e - ticketing, and more. Our corporate brand mission revolves around enhancing travel experiences, connecting the industry through innovative technology, and reshaping the future of travel. We aim to be the preferred and trusted partner, exceeding customer expectations and enriching lives globally.