3mk Protection, founded in 2006 by Marcin Gawłowski, specializes in high-quality protective solutions for electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Born from a customer's query for better screen protection, it led to the development of their first protective films, marking the company's inception. 3mk prides itself on innovation and addressing unmet customer needs, creating products such as protective glasses, films, and cases that extend device lifespan. Key innovations include FlexibleGlass™ in 2014, a durable hybrid of film and glass; InvisibleCase™ in 2015, awarded at the Łódź Design Festival; and NeoGlass™ in 2019. The All-Safe™ 3.0 system launched in 2020 enhances customization for cases. From its base in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland, 3mk's mission is to explore new protection methods, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. Beyond protection, 3mk offers accessories like cables, holders, earphones, and powerbanks, providing a comprehensive suite for device care and functionality enhancement.