Founded in 2008, Azumo’s breakthrough optoelectronics technology delivers products at the forefront of light transmission. At our core, Azumo harnesses light from a single LED efficiently and uniformly transmits that light through our transparent, ultra-thin light guide. Azumo's Thin Film Illumination (TFI) solution creates high resolution images for automotive designers. Our unique approach enhances smart surface applications creating touch sensors, branding, and decorative imaging invisibly on materials from glass to wood grain veneer to carbon fiber. TFI also creates eye-catching imagery for consumer devices. Enabling transparent keyboards and other gaming device badging, our ultra-thin and flexible system creates colorful branding that drives differentiation. Crossing key thresholds for transparency and directionality, Azumo’s light system also advances switchable privacy displays for laptops, tablets and other secure mobile devices. For handheld devices, Azumo’s LCD 2.0 front light panels enhance high-performance, reflective displays, improving user experience and extending battery life for end-users.