ISCO International improves wireless networks by automatically detecting, identifying, then removing interference and RF jammers. ISCO’s patented algorithms identify interference, detect the type (PIM, narrowband, wideband, jammers) and apply digital signal processing techniques to eliminate interference. This improves signal quality, translating into increased coverage and higher transmission speeds for both public and private networks. ISCO software can be added to radio units, DUs, antennas and other discrete RAN products. It can also be added directly to silicon chips or applied to any device or component that facilitates the transmission and reception of radio frequencies.
Deployed throughout Tier 1 mobile networks, ISCO solutions are proven to improve throughput, network accessibility and capacity for 4G and 5G networks. ISCO’s technology differentiates RAN solutions and future O-RAN products by addressing RF challenges to ensure public and private wireless networks meet their goals. We are the wireless interference experts, actively seeking joint development partners.