Information is a conversation cloud platform that enables brands to advertise, communicate and converse with their customers leveraging AI and CPaaS.

At the forefront of the RCS (Rich Communication Services) industry, Dotgo® leads as a global pioneer, setting standards for innovation and excellence.

Our comprehensive suite of products provides carriers and aggregators with the tools they need to seamlessly deploy and monetize RCS traffic on a global scale.

With over 45,000 brands worldwide, including major players like Youtube, Nestle, Kotak, Citibank, Unilever, and Netflix, our platform is reshaping the landscape of customer engagement. Gupshup's single API orchestrates a staggering 10 billion messages each month across more than 30 channels.

Based in Silicon Valley, Gupshup is the driving force behind effortless conversational experiences, offering user-friendly APIs, advanced bot-building capabilities, and innovative mobile marketing tools. Are you ready to join the messaging revolution?

Embark on your journey towards interactive, programmable, omni-channel messaging services with us today!