Fnet Telecom is the one of leading telecommunication companies in Armenia, established in 2009. Renowned for innovation, it caters to residential and business clients with high-speed fixed internet up to 600 Mbps and a diverse range of digital TV channels.
Fnet Telecom excels in business solutions:
Smart Intercom: Seamlessly integrated with a smart application, users enjoy one-click door access with added security through Face ID.
Smart Barrier: The barrier opens after verifying the car's ID number, ensuring efficient and secure access to restricted areas.
Smart Parking: Addressing urban challenges, Fnet Telecom optimises parking spaces for enhanced efficiency and convenience.
Traffic Analysis: Leveraging advanced analytics, the company aids businesses and municipalities in traffic management decisions.
Committed to excellence, Fnet Telecom prioritises customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and reliability. Continuously evolving, it adapts to meet the diverse needs of its customer base.