Excited to be exhibiting at #MWC #Barcelona 2024 with the #3DFascination innovation crew! We are looking for partnerships and opportunities to grow in the field of #3D #full-body #scanning, lifelike #avatars and vibrant figurines. 3DFascination is at the forefront of merging realities, offering both hardware and software solutions that span the entire process of creating 3D full-body #scans, realistic avatars and colorful figurines. Leading the way with the world's only plug-and-play full-body 3D scanner, we've set the standard for 3D scanning technology.
Join us at our pavilion in Hall 7 Stand 7G15 to experience our 4th generation full-body 3D scanner first-hand & get your own free 3D body scan! Feel free to order your very own realistic 3D avatar / 3D printed color figure.

Let's explore the future together!