Industrial grade Ultra-Wide-Band networks enable Network Service
Providers to differentiate their offering, deliver on the
promise of IoT and derive significant value from their
customers looking to digitalize real-world processes and
increase automation. Through ultra-precise tracking
of assets, two-way communication and 3rd party
integration, end customers gain more visibility to indoor navigation, LEAN targets, trigger their production stages based on asset
movements and create digital twin and metaverse models. Thus boosting efficiency.

Since 2014, Noccela has been a forerunner in private UWB network
implementations and a full-stack provider with in-house
capabilities ranging from hardware design, production to
service design. Our proven cloud-based solution is built
to scale and our proprietary algorithms power some of
the largest industrial UWB IoT applications live today.
As a FIRA Consortium member and Qorvo solution
partner, we offer you new business opportunities beyond
connectivity while your customers achieve an order of
magnitude reduction in costs compared to Bluetooth or
5G based setups.