Flyingvoice Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2007, Flyingvoice is a high-tech company specialising in VOIP terminal products and 5G FWA products. We have research facilities in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China and Vietnam.

Over the past decade, Flyingvoice has developed three main product lines: IP Phones, POTS Replacement and 5G FWA. Our mission is to provide customers with a one-stop solution for voice and data communications, along with a comprehensive range of POTS replacement solutions.

Flyingvoice products meet rigorous telecom-grade testing standards and are widely used in the carrier market. Flyingvoice's POTS replacement products are widely used by carriers in South Korea and North America. Flyingvoice's IP Phone products are widely used in carrier deployments in South Korea, India and China, while Flyingvoice's 5G FWA products are widely used by carriers in China and India.