UK Telecom Distribution Ltd. (UKTD) is a leading provider of digital platforms for retail and distribution, specializing in electronic vouchers, eSIMs, IoT SIMs, and SIM cards. Established in 2011 and headquartered in Edinburgh, UKTD has forged strategic alliances with key industry players.

In June 2023, UKTD was honored with the 'Partner Award' by Three, showcasing its dedication to excellence. Its acclaimed eSIM solutions for travelers, featured on and, have received accolades from esteemed publications such as Tech Radar and Apple Insider.

The UKTD eSIM Suite offers seamless access to global eSIM products spanning 200+ countries, prioritizing integration and secure delivery through API integration, POS terminals, and an intuitive web portal. Partnering with major Mobile Network Operators, alongside international distributors and travel organizations, UKTD remains at the forefront of innovation and sustainability as eSIMs continue to redefine industry standards.