Neutral Wireless is a multi-award winning technology company headquartered in Glasgow Scotland, and focussed on the production of 5G SA (standalone) private networks and in providing bespoke consultancy for software defined radio (SDR) communications systems. The company’s 5G Network in a Box has been deployed in UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Kenya, New Zealand, operating on both shared and licenced spectrum bands. In 2023 they built the world’s largest 5G popup network in central London for a broadcasting use case, and in summer 2024 will deploy a major private 5G SA network in the EU for live event broadcasting use case. Neutral WIreless offers design services and professional training for around the design of private 5G SA networks, and the implementation of software defined radio systems. We partner with EU SMEs AW2S, Amarisoft, and Alpha Wireless in the design and delivery of our 5G SA solutions.