iTraceiT is a Belgium company founded in 2021 with the diamond industry as first target. From 2023 the company benefits from the capital support of Wallonie Entreprendre (WE) and has more than hundred of customers.

In the luxe sector, the demand for traceability and supply chain transparency is at an all time high. Global consumer demands, uncertainty surrounding G7 sanction protocols and luxury brand requirements are key drivers.

iTraceiT endorse sustainability and transparency through accurate traceability. Our solution is generic, easily integrable with third parties, and available for any industry. iTraceiT provides a solution for any company dealing with any type of raw material to track and trace its trajectory throughout any stage of the product’s supply chain.

* 100% independent and worldwide traceability solution
* Track & trace any product at every step of a supply chain
* Secure and legal value to any document (Logion integration)

iTraceiT is a SaaS solution available for web and mobile.