Wave is a project initiated by AGC whose mission is to provide innovative telecom solutions for better connectivity in urban outdoor and indoor environments or to shield spaces from RF signals with transparent panels.

WAVEATTOCH, our transparent 4G/5G antenna installed indoors on the glazing allows outdoor coverage while complying with EMF limits.

WAVETHRU improves the indoor radio signal without compromising the window’s thermal performance by processing the surface of insulating double glazing units.

WAVETRAP is a transparent product to shield indoors against undesirable radio frequency signals and microwave radiation for various frequency ranges and application types.

WAVE by AGC products are innovative and competitive telecom solutions based on glass that can support stakeholders such as mobile operators, facility managers and office blocks, integrators, etc. whose goal is to guarantee cutting-edge digital deployment within an increasingly connected society. AGC is hoping to attract different partners so it can deploy its technology.