CBCat (Centre Blockchain de Catalunya)


The CBCat (Blockchain Center of Catalonia), promoted by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Government of Catalonia, has as its mission to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in Catalonia as a driving force for the development of other digital technologies. Through outreach initiatives, training, and advisory services, the CBCat seeks to promote awareness and understanding of blockchain technology among businesses, institutions, and society at large.

In addition to its awareness-raising tasks, the CBCat plays an active role in the development of its own projects and assists organizations in implementing initiatives, exploring the multiple applications and benefits that blockchain technology can offer in various fields, such as energy, tourism, or the agri-food sector, among others.

With this comprehensive approach, the CBCat strives to be a center of excellence in blockchain technology in the country, providing resources and support for organizations and professionals to harness the transformative potential of this emerging technology.