SPS Inc. is the Magconn technology developer and the global patents owner.
Founded in 2000, we aim to provide smart power solutions for our customers.

Magconn stands for magnetic connection/magnetic connector.
Magconn technology is same as USB in terms of function (charging & data sync), but the design and the user interface are totally different from that of conventional USB connector.

Magconn technology is magnetic wireless charging & data sync solution and Magconn module can be applied for all the mobile devices and accessories.

Magconn technology has been applied in Smartphones, Tablet PC, Action camera, mPOS, Barcode/RFID reader, Bike light & GPS tracker, Medical device, iPhone & Android phone cases and accessories, Automotive accessories, etc. in global market

We are looking for the customers who wish to apply Magconn technology into their products and business to differentiate their products in the competitive market.