With Shield-IoT, cellular operators generate new revenue streams through IoT cybersecurity monetization platform.

Shield-IoT is a cybersecurity software solution provider focusing on securing cellular IoT networks.

Based on more than 15 years of Coreset-AI academic research (MIT), Shield-IoT patented agent-less AI Asset Intelligence and Threat Management SaaS platform helps meet compliance standards, and provides IoT visibility and security, across any SIM-connected device and application, at unlimited scale. 

Platform Modules are:
1. Asset Intelligence: full IoT network visibility, including asset risk, network behavior, attributes, and usage trends.
2. AI Threat Prevention: device protection with Industry-first Coreset-AI network anomaly detection, combined with threat intelligence and rule-based detection engines
3. Security & Privacy Compliance: GDPR and various security regulations compliance, by continuous IoT network monitoring combined with automated compliance reporting.

With Shield-IoT, operators can now offer a bundled/value-add IoT
security service on top of connectivity to create differentiation, win new business and generate new revenue streams from both existing and new customers.