Varnish Software is a global pioneer in high-performance content delivery. Our powerful CDN and caching software technology helps the world’s largest content providers deliver video at a speed and scale that transcends existing streaming capabilities. With the most performant caching software in the world, Varnish makes it easy to handle peaks in demand, protect critical infrastructure and keep costs predictable, enabling seamless digital experiences for all users.
Varnish runs on a variety of compute platforms, from bare-metal to container, from public cloud to private K8 clusters. Our solutions are easy to deploy, scale and operate with a low cost of change. Seamless from origin to edge, Varnish also brings faster innovation to 5G and mobile streaming.
Headquartered in Stockholm, with ten locations worldwide, Varnish currently powers 9 million websites worldwide and supports the web and video experiences of over 2 billion people.

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