Buynomics is a SaaS-based machine learning platform for pricing and product optimization. Our goal is to enable companies to make data-driven, transparent, and customer-centric commercial decisions, and solve complex pricing, promotion and price pack architecture challenges. For that, we built an operating system that employs large-scale simulation technology known as Virtual Shoppers. These digital customers are based on their real-life counterparts and help companies assess price and promotion changes, and the effects of removing or altering existing products — with up to 95% forecast accuracy. This provides companies with a single source of truth to answer all their market-facing questions.

Our holistic approach reveals connections between critical revenue levers and provides suggestions for optimal outcomes. Clients use Buynomics to make better, faster decisions about their current and new products, overall portfolio structure, pricing, promotions, trade terms, and more. Trusted by major companies such as L'Oréal, Unilever, Ferrero, General Mills, and Danone, Buynomics is the key to profitable and sustainable decisions.