City of Düsseldorf - Office of Economic Development


Düsseldorf is an international business hub in the heart of Europe and one of the top cities for foreign direct investment. Thanks to its high quality of life and moderate living costs, Düsseldorf has become a magnet for international companies.

Düsseldorf ranks amongst the German top locations for the information and communication technologies cluster. A high quality of life and diversity, the charm of the Rhine city and, last but not least, the excellent infrastructure makes it a place where people not only enjoy living, but also working, founding companies and paving the way for digital innovations.

In no other region in Germany has the "digital avant-garde" developed as successfully as here. They are the driving force behind mobile business and internet industry throughout Germany. Düsseldorf is the ideal spot for tech startups and for international industry giants alike. Information and communications technologies are of enormous importance for the economic power of the region.