Kindred is an award-winning tech Social Enterprise that transforms e-commerce transactions into a force for good. Through partnerships with the world's leading handset manufacturers, telecoms, and media companies, Kindred extends savings to their 150million MAU, across 155,000 online retailers spanning 180 markets. Kindred’s technology, accessible on any device, yields benefits for all stakeholders: retailers witness reduced basket abandonment, partners experience heightened loyalty and engagement, customers enjoy savings on online shopping, and charities and the environment receive 51% of Kindred's profits. Built with customer privacy in mind, Kindred’s cutting-edge technology sets us apart, but our commitment to giving back defines us. Kindred recently launched a new solution, Audience Logic run by ex- Google, Meta and Amazon senior management to leverage Kindred’s 150million consented users to build audience segments for retail partners, and allow our partners across handset manufacturers, telecoms, and media companies to enrich their own first part data.