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Unlock Next-Level Growth with PhoneX Connect

PhoneX Connect is a plug-in to Storefront that allows resellers to list their supplier's stock, at a guaranteed markup, on their private, branded Storefront.

Benefits for Suppliers:
- Dramatically expand your reach with an army of reps selling your devices 24/7.
- Access the highest-paying buyers by reaching deeper into the supply chain.
- You can't see your resellers' encrypted customer information, which protects your resellers.
- Increase customer retention among resellers that are tied directly into your inventory.

Benefits for Resellers:
- With your steady supply, customers will keep coming back instead of going around you to your supplier.
- Presell product before you commit to a purchase. Without having to invest in inventory upfront, you'll be able to turn your cash faster.
- Pick devices to supplement your stock or list everything available. Use your supplier's grades or relabel them.
- Fully encrypted and secure.