boodmoe LLC, in close collaboration with our partner company VISICOM, is focused on providing premier data services and DIGITAL MAPPING PRODUCTS for the telecom community.
boodmoe LLC provides sales support and timely customer service to VISICOM customers worldwide, focusing on Americas market.
VISICOM is a leading global manufacturer of geodata produced specifically for planning and optimizing wireless networks. With a continuous investment in technology and human resources, VISICOM develops technologies, products and services following the evolution of communications networks to provide our clients with innovative, relevant and accurate MAPPING PRODUCTS fitted to needs of the wireless telecommunication industry.
Our geodata portfolio contains a wide range of 2D and 3D geodata, including high-quality 3D models of 4000+ cities worldwide tailored for 5G rollout.
Our companies also serve various markets where accurate maps are necessary for digital world representation. We provide our customers with access to accurate and recent maps, whatever territory their projects are implemented in