Metalenz is at the forefront of driving innovation in optics with metasurface technology, providing solutions that redefine the possibilities of mobile imaging and sensing.

Metalenz is the first company to bring metasurfaces to mass markets, with millions of its meta-optics already integrated in consumer devices, combining the functionality of three or four complex lenses and components into a single flat device, mass produced in existing semiconductor foundries.

Metalenz will be demonstrating Polar ID, a groundbreaking, ultra secure, small, and affordable face unlock solution for mobile that harnesses the unique polarized light sorting capabilities of metasurfaces. Running on Snapdragon, this first of its kind full system solution enables mobile devices to see beyond the limits of current visual systems.

Unlock the unseen with Polar ID
• The only smartphone camera that can harness polarization information. • 1/2 size + 1/3 cost of existing structured light solutions • Recog. & Auth in a single image • All phones, all conditions