Established in 2008, KDLAB INC. is a mobile accessories company that has been concentrating on one field of mobile accessories for 15 years. We design, develop, and manufacture various accessories that help you use smart phones, tablet PCs, and laptop computers more smartly.
We have unrivaled technology and expertise in the fields of smartphone cases, protective films, and tempered glass.
KDLAB, which started in Korea, exports to more than 50 countries around the world, including Europe, Africa, Middle East and Oceania, beyond Asia.
We are expanding our business to not only large manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, Apple, but also various domestic and foreign telecommunications companies.
KDLAB has participated in global consumer electronics exhibitions globally, receiving positive reviews in the smartphone accessory market, and is making continuous efforts to provide better products and services.
Thank you for your interest and love for KDLAB, which strives to make the experience of using smart devices more convenient and safe.