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Ultichip is a Chinese fabless semiconductor company. As a leader of ORAN for communication infrastructures, Ultichip providers base stations and routing SoC chips based on our unique ASIP (Application Specific Instruction-set Processor) technologies, including SDR baseband symbol, bit, soft bit, MCU and protocol processor IPs. The company's SoC chips support various 3GPP and IEEE802.11 base stations and APs including digital front-ends, basebands, protocol stacks, and lightweight gateways for OEMs. With ultra-low Capex and OPEX, Ultichip supports operators for micro, pico and femto cell stations with integrated and distributed installations. Based on our SoC chips, Ultichip also offers complete reference designs and turnkey customized services to reduce customers’ R&D cost and accelerates time-to-market. We work closely to customers offering customized solutions, HW and/or SW designs. Based on strong VC investments and product profits, Ultichip makes sustainable great strides forwards. Ultichip has been cooperating with global OEMs and operators.