Feng Tai Electronic was established since 1989. We are focusing on R&D and Manufacturing Fluorocarbon Resin Specialty Wire&Cable imparting stable and reliable vitality to every meter of our products. Feng Tai has its proprietary factory located in China spanning 32,000 sq.meters. The factory's annual production capacity is 900 Million meters. We are equipped with more than 60 sets of advanced cable extrusion lines and over 300 sets of auxiliary cable production equipment. It also houses a wire and cable laboratory per National Standards which facilitates the R&D. Our products are extensively employed in the regions of Aerospace, Microwave communication, Navigation radar, Ultra-Hi frequency signal transmission, Mobile communication base stations, IT equipment, New energy EV, Highway vehicles, Rail transit, Shipbuilding, Mining, Steel-making, Photovoltaic power generation, Nuclear power, Military, Electronics home appliance, Lighting etc. Embracing the concept of “Blood to Humans, Electricity to Machines”, we firmly believe that wires, akin to blood vessels in life, are essential for all electrical transmission connections.