Shenzhen Winstar Technology Co. , Ltd


Shenzhen Winstar Technology Co. , Ltd is a professional supplier of cargo tracking solutions. Winstar has software and hardware R&D teams, and the R&D centres are located in Shenzhen and Xi'an. Global agency business is in progress. Years of high-tech experience in logistics industry enables us to provide cargo tracking solutions in various segments, mainly including container cargo shipping, railway express, road transport, high value cargo transport, refrigerated truck cargo tracking, container tank tracking. Our Smart devices mainly include cargo tracker, trailer/vessal tracker, container tank tracker, refrigerated truck cargo tracker, Smart cold storage monitoring system. Our Smart devices enable real-time collection and display of locaiton data and transport environmental data. Our IoT PaaS cloud platform supports quick access to devices of multiple protocals and fully privatized deployment, providing one-stop solutions. Our competitive strength is the customized service for different enterprises. At Winstar, we're only satisfied with solutions when they're empowering all our partners to succeed.