Metanoia, whose name is derived from the Greek word for changing one’s mind or perspective, embraces this concept as its guiding principle.

Established in 2004 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, Metanoia Communications Inc. 5G System-on-Chip IC design company specializes in Software Defined Radio (SDR) and 5G/B5G PHY design for Open RAN Radio Units and Small Cell base stations.

Metanoia’s cutting-edge technology in 5G wireless semiconductor solutions, delivering 5G RF chips and highly integrated 5G SOC with Digital Front End, RTOS CPU, ADC/DAC, complemented by semi-turnkey Hardware/Software Development Kits and Automatic Test Tool for Time-to-Market reference designs, solidifying our standing as a reliable and pioneering provider in the dynamic realm of 5G technology.

Metanoia 5G SDR Chipsets Solution
MT2812 : 5G NR DFE SOC
Programmable SDR Baseband IC for 5G NR Digital Front End
MT3812 : 5G NR Sub-6GHz RFIC
Sub-6GHz Tri-band 2x2 MIMO RF Transceiver with DPD observation path
Completed Hardware HDK, Software SDK and Automatic Test Tool for Time-to-Market.