Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute


The Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute (GERI) is a technical innovation support organization that was founded to enhance insufficient regional R&D capabilities and improve the technological competitiveness of regional industries.
GERI attracts and executes large-scale national projects in fields such as mobile, display, and medicine. Also, it supports regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow into global companies by using cutting-edge analysis equipment and provides customized corporate support such as manpower cultivation, marketing and solutions to difficult technologies.

It aims to secure the central government’s mid- to large-scale projects that fit the region’s characteristics by enhancing the policy planning function and others for regional industries and creating future foods by constructing an industry-university-institute collaboration system.

To this end, GERI will develop the platform technologies and other technologies that are needed in new markets by enhancing R&D capabilities and cultivate technology innovation type small hidden companies based on accumulated R&D and company support knowhow.