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Babylon Cloud S.p.A


Babylon Cloud is a cloud storage specialist.
Developing its own object storage technology, from infrastructure to interfaces, Babylon Cloud delivers white-label cloud services, including backup, sync & share, and on-demand video platforms, enabling Telco Operators to offer innovative digital services to their end-users.
Our strategic partnership with Telco Operators ensures seamless service provisioning automation, minimizes time-to-launch for new services, and provides unparalleled pre-sale and post-sale support for both operators and their end-users. Babylon Cloud fully complies with GDPR and the most stringent protocol on infrastructure to guarantee data security.
Babylon Cloud is building a network of several nodes, each capable of handling several hundreds of petabytes and millions of users, allowing Telco Operators to scale limitlessly in zero time. Choose Babylon Cloud for cutting-edge solutions that bring data closer to end-users while maintaining the highest standards of security and scalability.