Gomibo Platforms: The only omnichannel solution for telcos.

Achieve a true omnichannel experience by powering all sales & service channels by Gomibo's core commerce platform. It operates as a thin commercial layer, decoupled from core IT systems.

Sell and manage all connectivity (fixed & mobile) to consumers and businesses and monetize your customers. Attract new customers with our marketing tools, reduce churn, grow ARPU and boost NPS, all while using your own branding with our out-of-the-box front-end or in a headless setup.

Channels are less burdened by technical limitations because they are driven by an unified commerce back-end. Integration takes place at the edge of the current IT stack, leaving the core IT systems unaffected. With a track record of 19+ active telco integrations, we possess the expertise and experience to make omnichannel success a reality.

Our software proves itself on a large scale, achieving 1.2+ million telco sales annually. This success spans 30+ countries, 12 languages and multiple currencies.