GSMA Member

Globe Teleservices Pte. Ltd.


Globe Teleservices is a Singapore-based telecom conglomerate with a global presence with offices in the USA, Serbia, Tanzania, Ghana, India, UAE, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. We specialize in transformative solutions that enable businesses to establish seamless global connectivity. We provide niche next-gen solutions in A2P monetization, omnichannel messaging, anti-fraud & cloud services. GTS collaborates closely with top-tier mobile operators and regulators globally to digitize services and emphasize revenue assurance. We are members of prestigious forums like GSMA, GLF, MEF, Trust in Enterprise Messaging, TMForum, PITA and ITU-APT. Our efforts in the telecommunication space have earned us recognitions including Tier One Ranking in ROCCO's Latest A2P SMS Market Impact Report 2023 - MNO Edition, Best VoIP Solutions Provider in Singapore by APAC Insider, and Best Unified Communication Online Provider of the Year by Carrier Community (CC).