Finwave Semiconductor is focused on advancing 5G communications with next-generation GaN on silicon technology.
The company’s advanced, disruptive GaN technology is the discovery of prominent MIT innovators who are focused on bringing revolutionary RF device architecture and semiconductor process technology to 5G and 6G mobile infrastructure as well as smartphones, artificial intelligence, medical devices and cloud computing. Finwave’s GaN innovation delivers remarkable advancements in linearity and power efficiency for 5G / 6G communications. With numerous GaN technology patents, Finwave is shaping the future through a new breakthrough transistor and process technology designed to optimize the potential of GaN.
The award-winning, breakthrough GaN FinFET technology, and its 3D fin transistor structures, are the result of cutting-edge semiconductor research. Finwave is the originator of the world’s first 8” diameter GaN insulating gate FinFET wafer processed in a CMOS fab. Finwave operates from R&D offices in Massachusetts and California, with partners located across the world.