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Honor Device Co., Ltd

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All-new Falcon Camera System
Compromises a 50MP Wide camera, 50MP Ultra-wide camera and industry first 180MP Periscope Telephoto camera, empowering users to capture sports photography with intricate details.
All-scenario AI motion Capture Sensing
Precisely recognizes various scenarios through an AI network trained with 10 category sports, over 8 million images.
5600mAh(1) HONOR Second-generation Silicon-carbon battery
Exceptional low-temperature performance, exhibiting 40% extended battery endurance under extreme temperatures.
HONOR NanoCrystal Shield
Offers ten times(2) drop resistance as verified by SGS’s Five Star Glass Drop Resistance Ability in multiple scenarios certification,
Best Eye Comfort Display
Industry highest 4320Hz PWM dimming,Customizable Circadian Night Display, Nature Tone Display and Dynamic Dimming make up the most comprehensive eye comfort solution.
(1) Typical value. The rated capacity of the non-removable battery is 5600mAh.
(2) Data from HONOR labs.