Nomad Automate is a leading network data-mining expert. Since 2005 it has developed as a reference partner for advanced end-to-end network discovery, capacity management and anomaly detection in multi-vendor transport networks (wireless and optical transmission, IP/MPLS, mobile backhaul, fixed access). The largest Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide trust us.

We make complex things easier for our clients. We design smart sampling and discovery algorithms offering unmatched clarity in the network. Leveraging on the latest technologies in machine learning we deliver state-of-the-art multi-layer network modelling and impactful network performance predictions to address our customers’ biggest pain-points:
End-to-end capacity utilization monitoring & forecast,
Scenario planning,
Accurate service route finding,
Cross-layer correlation (i.e. IP/MPLS layer down to physical layer) for service routes, alarms, performance metrics.