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RF DSP’s 5G NR PHY and radio IP are optimized for NTN-specific requirements supporting
Large number of simultaneous beams and high subscriber density
FR1 L-band and S-band, and FR2 Ka and Ku bands
Real-time mapping of carriers/data streams to beams
Intelligent management of multiple simultaneous beams at the same frequency to maximize spectral efficiency
Advanced Massive MIMO Hybrid Beamforming algorithms optimized for NTN channel models
Digital Front-End (DFE) designs for NTN specific beamforming configurations, power and channel conditions
Reference design and API for PHY and DFE configuration and management
Supports FPGA SOC + RF transceivers JESD204B/C or LVDS interfaces
Optimized for AMD Versal AI and Gen 4 RFSoC DFE chips (ZU67/65)