We provide proven optimized high-performance 5G NR and IoT Physical Layer (L1) IPs and software for NTN gNBs and O-RAN radios. Our 5G NR low PHY and DFE for NTN is part of the Lockheed Martin Regenerative gNB that is in the Shortlist of the GLOMO 2024 Best NTN Solution Award.

*We provide design services to customize our IPs and software to meet the exact needs of our customers for optimal resource utilization and minimizing power consumption, enabling our customers get their winning NTN and O-RAN products to the market faster.

*Our NTN 5G NR and NB-IoT IPs and solutions support S, L, Ka and Ku bands, beamforming with a large number of simultaneous beams, multiple carriers per beam, hybrid beamforming, AI/Deep-Learning powered beamforming and receiver algorithms.

*Our complete O-RU solutions include O-RAN fronthual, low PHY with DFE and M-plane software, supporting FR1, FR2, TDD, FDD, DSS, NB-IoT, multi-bands, multiple carries, mixed numerologies, BWPs, MIMO beamforming, Uplink Performance Improvement (ULPI).