Established in 1998 and headquartered in Japan, Hytec Inter stands at the forefront of innovative industrial communication systems and networking equipment dedicated to industrial 5G infrastructure. Specializing in modems, PoE extenders, and outdoor wireless bridges, we stand at the forefront to enhance connectivity.
Our Solutions
At Hytec Inter, we are committed to distributing cutting-edge solutions and product development that meet the highest standards. Designed to meet the stringent demands of enterprises and government entities alike, our offerings ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance in diverse industrial environments.
Global Presence
With a strong global presence spanning Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and expanding to other continents, we are dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of 5G technology worldwide.
Key Sectors
Our solutions play a crucial role in various sectors, including factories, infrastructures (railways, roadways, airports), and government entities (defense, police, coast guards). We provide secure and seamless wireless and video connectivity solutions that are vital for mission-critical operations.