ULAK Communications Inc. is a telecommunication company that provides end-to-end, sustainable, reliable, and communication infrastructure products and technologies, its fundamental mission is to be a key actor that will shape the future of communication technologies needs.
With thousands of base stations and SDN nodes, it has taken its place at the intersection cluster of many important industries such as information and communication technologies, defense industry, science, technology, ... and has spread its own ecosystem to a wide base.
ULAK works with the motto of “Communication Power for 5G and Beyond”.
ULAK continues its activities to contribute to the implementation of products, systems, and projects with high impact power to improve technological competencies in the global market and also carries out R&D activities for 5G and Beyond technologies to contribute to worldwide standards.
ULAK has adopted to itself as a mission to produce patents and IPRs; and develop end-to-end network technologies by carrying out high value-added researches in broadband communication technologies.