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Kaspersky has created fundamentally new approach to enhanced security in IT systems: Kaspersky Cyber Immunity®. Kaspersky Cyber Immunity is an IT system’s “inherent” protection – its ability to withstand cyberattacks without any additional (applied) security tools. The overwhelming majority of types of attacks on a Cyber Immune system are ineffective and unable to impact its critical functions.
Kaspersky Cyber Immunity can be achieved by using KasperskyOS and following certain development methodology. We use this approach creating secure-by-design Cyber Immune products: secure gateways, thin clients, mobile platform solutions, secure automotive gateways etc. Our proprietary microkernel KasperskyOS is the first operating system that supports development of Cyber Immune IT products. We create a paradigm shift in the world of IT forming a new market of next-generation KasperskyOS-based products with the unique feature – Cyber Immunity – that is recognized all over the world.