Covalensedigital, a leading software OEM, specializes in empowering CSPs to navigate the digital landscape effortlessly and achieve business excellence. Our solutions enable operators to swiftly adapt to market shifts, offering a unique fusion of flexibility and functionality across segments including MNO, MVNx, IoT, Satellite, and more.

Central to our offerings is Csmart Synapse, a SaaS BSS Platform, featuring a pre-integrated suite of 21 digital products. Csmart Synapse allows CSPs to develop advanced digital ecosystems for collaboration and innovative solution delivery.

Csmart's products, adhering to TM Forum ODA & Open APIs, leverage microservices and low-code/no-code integration, are also available individually on SaaS model. This approach allows operators to customize offerings, accelerate service launches, diversify revenue streams, and seamlessly address gaps in concept-to-cash-to-care processes.

Csmart Synapse significantly reduces operator OPEX by up to 50%, providing scalability and flexibility, making it a strategic solution for CSPs aiming to transform their digital capabilities and market responsiveness.

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