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CHASM Advanced Materials


CHASM makes antennas transparent.

As a leader in advanced carbon nanotube / copper hybrid materials, CHASM works with antenna designers, product designers and supply chain partners to bring low cost, flexible transparent antenna solutions market. These transparent antennas seamlessly integrate into product and system designs offering a stark contrast to traditional, visually intrusive models. With greater than 90% optical transparency and efficacy on par with low-loss ceramic PCB-based antenna options, transparent antennas elegantly tackle the hurdles of 5G and beyond. From enhancing connectivity in homes, in business and across ‘smart cities’ with unobtrusive installations to revolutionizing engineering and design for Internet of Things (IoT) and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity, CHASM’s AgeNT transparent antenna solutions set a new standard in integrated technology.

CHASM has its headquarters and applications development center in Canton, Massachusetts, USA and has its patented CNT manufacturing platform and R&D Center of Excellence at its facility in Norman, Oklahoma.