Based in London, United Kingdom, Aracion has been a trailblazer in RF, wireless, 5G, and testing services since its inception in 2014. Our primary goal is to offer tailored solutions to electronic OEMs, ODMs, and R&D companies throughout their product lifecycle, from conception to regulatory compliance.

Pioneering Solutions:
Aracion prides itself on its in-house Research and Development team, committed to innovation. Whether your needs revolve around wireless, RF, EMC, 5G, or testing and measurement, our reputation for delivering customized, state-of-the-art services precedes us.

Industry Insight:
Our team of experts maintains strong connections with the committees responsible for setting industry standards. This ensures that our clients' testing facilities seamlessly align with their business objectives.

Specialized Offerings:
Aracion specializes in EMC/RF Testing Chambers, Shielded Enclosures, Turnkey Lab Setups, Test and Measurement Instrumentation and operates its own Product Testing Lab, ensuring comprehensive support for regulatory compliance and product development needs.