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Askey iDVR CDR9030 Dashcam can be mounted on any vehicle to provide an enhanced view of vehicle safety, security, and prevention that optimizes the fleet.

The CDR9030 is capable of analyzing driver behavior and road conditions in real-time, alerting drivers and reducing the severity of incidents. Using artificial intelligence on the edge and built-in sensors, it can instantly detect events such as distracted driving and risky behaviors.

Equipped with 4G/LTE communication, the CDR9030 provides in-vehicle broadband connectivity as well as in-cab Internet access, emergency call service, and real-time data streaming. Alerts and trigger criteria can be remotely modified to meet specific needs from operators via cloud or APP. With wireless firmware update, the device will always have the latest features.

With advances in imaging technology, encoding, and wireless data networks, Askey iDVR Dashcam brings exceptional performance and makes driving safer, smarter and always connected.