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Airspan’s OpenRANGE vRAN software allows for modular, scalable architecture, which means deployment flexibility and cost savings. This kit provides the following
Cloud-native, elastically scalable vRAN
Faster time-to-market with CI/CD modular micro-service architecture approach
Standards-based open interfaces
Scalable for multi-core architectures
CUPS architecture enables deployment flexibility and cost savings
Containerized solution for optimized resources (RAM and CPU provides lower latency, and faster deployment time compared to traditional VM’s)
Significant OpEx savings with support for energy savings, efficient maintenance, high availability, and real-time resource migration
High service availability with automatic VNF recovery
Airspan’s award-winning, true 5G, end-to-end, SA, starter kit makes it easy to get started. This complete kit will get you off the ground to experience the full benefits of this type of network. It includes RU, CU, DU, 5GC, UEs plus servers