Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is a global SecurityTech company headquartered in Munich, Germany. G+D makes the lives of billions of people more secure.

Secure connections. Unlimited potential.

G+D is the trusted partner for all challenges posed by the Internet of Things. We enable secure connections to mobile networks and the IoT through SIM cards, eSIM and iSIM solutions including operating systems as well as connectivity services for enterprises.

G+D is the only end-to-end connectivity and IoT provider. We enable devices to be connected out of the box with seamless global coverage across 185 countries.

We unlock business potential for our customers through IoT innovation with built-in security tech in four domains: Mobile network operators, automotive manufacturers, IoT device makers and technology providers, as well as enterprises across all IoT sectors.

In this fast-moving environment, we are continuously expanding our portfolio towards propositions for new industry fields – e.g. smart tracking devices for logistics – and software applications.