These are the general themes of 4YFN Barcelona 2017. Three days, three tracks. All activities of each day are focused in the following group of topics:

Monday 27 February - Disrupted by Mobile

How to improve society and people´s daily lives through mobile.

Four groups of subtopics: Fintech, Blockchain, Shared Economy and mCommerce – Bots, Automation and Utilities – mHealth, Sports and Wellbeing – Marketplaces and Fashion and Technology

Tuesday 28 February - Internet of Things

How to improve enterprises through mobile innovation and data analysis.

Four groups of subtopics: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things – Smart Cities, Transport, Energy and Drones – Wearables, Robots and Open Hardware – Cybersecurity

Wednesday 1 March - Digital Media

How to improve people´s spare time and education/communication.

Four groups of subtopics: Mobile Gaming, VR/AR and Entertainment – Digital Content and Transmedia – mAdvertising and Marketing – Education

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